I’m not here under some questionable, personal “agenda”. I just came here with my ‘heart on my sleeve’… looking forward to giving back some of what I’ve been so freely given!

I am as you are – just another traveler here – a ‘sojourner’ through this life! I have come to believe something I was told a long time ago; “A stranger is just a friend you have yet to meet”…! My name is Larry… I’m glad to meet you, my Friend!

By the way, thanks for stopping by! Feel free to look around – see what inspiration or encouragement you might find here! (I’ll be adding more as time goes on). Hopefully, what you’ll find will convince you that I just might have a story to tell! Of course, I’m asking you to judge that for yourself… God bless you today, my Friend!

Please Check out my story: “From the Heart and Personal”!
For ease in navigation I’ve divided it up into an Introduction
and three short parts! (See the links near the top of the page!)


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